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Strategic Response International - Projects

1. Community Engagement to Stop Land Corruption (COLA)

This project is aimed at ending land corruption in Uganda. This project intends to provide the easiest and nearest legal assistance and civic awareness of masses, spearheaded by youthful community based lawyers in Uganda through the establishment of the network. The program is considering Ugandan rural and urban areas by enhancing the capacity of youthful lawyers in the various districts of Uganda to advance the fight against corruption in land which has widely affected marginalized groups.

2. The Human Rights Defenders (HRD) Empowerment Project.

This project is aimed at enhancing the capacity of grassroots HRDs in Hoima and Buliisa districts in Uganda to advance the rights of women and marginalized groups. The project targets HRDs, with a bias on women HRDs, working on land and other natural resource-related rights. The project presents a unique voice of HRDs operating in the region to identify patterns for action. During dissemination of the report, efforts will be made to utilize the opportunity to promote awareness and strategic engagements with stakeholders to ensure that the voice of grassroots HRDs is heard and listened to.

3. The Customary Land Rights Empowerment Project.

The customary land rights empowerment is a project that seeks to address challenges faced by the Local Council courts in adjudicating land rights related matters particularly customary land disputes in Northern Uganda. It seeks to work with the Local Council courts in the districts of Nwoya and Amuru because these courts are of first instance to resolve disputes arising from land. It seeks to extend legal support to the Local Council Courts through convening strategic trainings on the Rules of Procedure and Principles of Natural Justice to enable them handle customary land matters with ease.

Our Theory of Change

4. The National Dialogue Community Ambassadors.

This program arose from the informal consultations of Inter-Religious Council of Uganda (IRCU) and the Elders Forum of Uganda (TEFU) with Key stakeholders on a framework to convene a National Dialogue to bring together all Ugandans from all walks of life to discuss and agree on the new consensus on managing the social, economic and political affairs of the country.  The Project saw over 300 young people convene in Soroti, Eastern Uganda to get the views of the young people to form part of the National Dialogue question. These young people were also trained to spread the need for the National Dialogue within their circles.

5. Disability Human Rights Advocacy and Awareness project

Strategic Response International with consultations with several other entities in promotion of disability rights is interested in a disability rights awareness project through community outreach more so public entities such as prisons, hospitals, police stations among others, regular media programs on disability rights, organizing regular Disability Rights Moot Court competitions among students more so law teaching institutions where by the public and Persons with Disabilities are involved to actively or passively participate. The goal of the project is to empower PWDs on their rights and freedoms through capacity building, strategic advocacy, and awareness rising.

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Our Partnerships and Coalition Areas:

  1. Public and strategic interest litigation in the protection /promotion of human rights and social justice
  2. Policy, research and advocacy
  3. Land Rights Defense