At Strategic Response International (SRI), our programs are specifically intended to achieve our mission and vision respectively which are to strengthen the foundations of democracy by nurturing a new generation of young pro-democracy and social justice oriented lawyers across Africa  and as well create a society in which an informed and active citizenry is sovereign and makes choices based on civic consciousness and empowerment

The Lawyers for Democracy (L4D) Fellowship.

The program runs every month linking up young lawyers from around the country to have a conversation on the state of affairs in the country/ region in the thematic areas of Rule of law, Human rights, democracy and social justice.  The fellowship is aimed at strengthening the use of strategic and public impact litigation/ lawyering as a tool geared towards the attainment of a free democratic society through peer learning. The fellowship has brought together senior lawyers, practitioners and the academia and young lawyers for open discussions on the human rights issues that affect the country. The program has been used as a mobilization tool towards growing the number of member lawyers in and around the country.


The Uganda Political Watch Transition series.

This program appreciates the current Political situation in Uganda by providing a balanced analysis tracker on all the events that have happened in the country. This program publishes a monthly tabulated tracker in collaboration with other partners. In February 2018, in partnership with the Great Lakes Institute for Strategic Studies (GLISS) commenced a project aimed at tracking the discourse around the then proposed constitutional reforms to remove the presidential age limit from Uganda’s Constitution. The tracker series have been helpful in providing a timeline and facts around the constitutional amendment process and conducting surveys to identify public perceptions

Strategic Impact Litigation

This program consists of taking on and handling cases that effect positive change in the society and with core interest in democracy, good governance and human rights. The main focus of this program is to bring about a social change to achieve the principles of democracy. This program has seen the organisation take on various cases (Pro Bono) to assist the indigent fight for their rights and freedoms. The main beneficiaries of this program have been Human Rights Defenders (HRDs), Political Activists, students’ communities and many others. The organisation has deployed a team of lawyers across the country ready to tackle any issues that arise.

Research and Advocacy

This program involves carrying out accurate and exclusive research on the matters that affect the society and publications made. The program targets civic awareness and advocacy of the various human rights and rule of law violations which are tracked and documented. This program has seen a couple of publications released with the aim of influencing policies around the issues affecting the country. For example, in 2018, the organisation tracked and documented the litigation process in Rwamutonga, Hoima district which saw closed to 1000 people displaced from their land to pave way for an investor who was to establish an oil waste treatment plant. This matter has been in the courts of law for a long time and the organisation tracked its whole trial process. In the same spirit, the organisation also tracked and documented the Presidential Handshake with saw several government officials earn from successful litigation on oil moneys in London. Strategic Response International tracked the expenses met in the investigation of the same by the COSASE Committee of Parliament.

The Rapid Response Legal Assistance

The program links the nearest lawyer to where there is a violation of any right anywhere in Uganda. This program is aimed at providing the nearest network lawyer to respond to a cause in real time. The organisation provides regular strategic legal support to political activists and HRDs who have been arrested or feel threatened in the exercise of their civil rights. The organisation has also convened and facilitated capacity building trainings for HRDs and pro-democracy activities on how they can exercise their freedoms in the closing civic space to demand for rights and justice for violations.

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Be a voice to the marginalized community

Joining our cause will help promote public interest litigation while offering robust pro-bono and advisory legal services to the vulnerable and marginalized communities