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Plot 14, Muwafu Road Minister's Village, Ntinda-Kampala (U)

About SRI Uganda

Strategic Response International (SRI) is an independent not for profit network of young pro-democracy, human rights and social justice-oriented lawyers in Uganda.

The organisation started as a loose coalition of young lawyers and law students in 2015 and formally established in January 2018 as a network of pro-democracy, human rights and social justice oriented human rights defenders, mostly composed of lawyers.

The vision of the organisation is to create a society in which an informed and active citizenry is sovereign and makes choices based on civic consciousness and civic empowerment.
The mission of the organisation is to strengthen the foundations of democracy by nurturing a new generation of young pro-democracy and social justice oriented lawyers across Africa.
  1. To inspire a new generation of pro-democracy and human rights lawyers.
  2. To promote public interest lawyering and litigation of pro-democracy and human rights lawyers.
  3. To offer robust pro-bono and advisory legal services to deserving individuals and community groups.
  4. To become a forum for sharing good practices in pro-democracy and human rights advocacy.

Strategic Response International

Incorporated in 2018, the organisation unites young pro-democracy and human rights lawyers across the country to provide robust legal response on matters that undermine the principles of democracy and human rights through litigation and counsel across Uganda

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We believe in helping. 2700 beneficiaries already.


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Be a part of our cause in protecting and promoting civic rights and activities

Our focus is directed towards strengthening our member network of lawyers in order for the institution to be able to directly deal with the rising social justice and human rights issues in Uganda and beyond.